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The Space Tourism Society is involved in a wide range of projects.  We encourage our members to contribute to our innovative endeavors and share their own creative possibilities for this vibrant industry.

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Imaging floating through the International Space Station, gliding node to node, and peering out through a porthole as the majestic planet Earth passes by.  And then, locking out through the Quest airlock and floating weightlessly in space.  Or how about being attached to an underwater robotic arm and doing a visual inspection outside the ISS, all the while you are in direct communications with mission control.   Or maybe you want to spacewalk on Mars or the Moon.  All this, without ever leaving Earth. Imagine!

Before blasting off for space, astronauts spent hours in preparation for zero gravity.  Beginning in 1965, when Buzz Aldrin took the first plunge, they’ve trained in the closest simulation possible – water.  NASA developed the neutral buoyancy laboratory, a water-filled environment where astronauts learned to move, work, and problem solve in zero gravity simulation.

                No doubt, our future space travelers will need access to the same degree of preparation.  From the casual traveler to serious candidates for The Space Guard (the orbital cousin of the Coast Guard), space ship employees and repair personnel, and for those who simply want to experience the effects of a simulated zero gravity environment, we  introduce the  grandest of all simulation opportunities: H2O Space Walking’s Neutral Buoyancy Pool.

This adventure is open to future space travelers and employees, SCUBA enthusiasts, and all adventurers, space bound or not.  H2O Space Walking’s Neutral Buoyancy Pool will offer simulations of the NASA training experience and beyond, creating a true earth-bound simulation of being in space.

Further details to come.   

Get Neutral!

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